Zoning the foot with Zone therapy.What is Zone Therapy?

Zone therapy is a Holistic form of therapy working directly on the feet and ankles.  It helps to normalize digestion/assimilation, lymph and blood circulation, hormone balance, elimination, the autonomic nervous system, and is used for stress reduction.

How does it work?

Zone therapy uses ten zones that run directly through the body.       By triggering specific points on the feet, a signal is sent along the zone to the organ or tissue, up to the spinal cord to the brain.  Through the autonomic nervous system, corrective signals are sent back down to the corresponding parts of the body.  From the foot,      signals are sent to all the cells of the body.

Origin:  This system on the feet has been practiced in some form over the last five thousand years.  It was used in India and China and made its way to the Scandinavian countries in the middle of the 1900’s.  Dr. Charles Ersdal from Norway was paralyzed but returned to his feet using these techniques.  This inspired him to go to Germany where he studied Zone.  In 1969 he began extensive research in Zone Therapy.  He researched thousands of different people whom he kept documentation on the affects of different areas in the body including: brain, nervous system, blood and lymph circulation, muscular and skeletal systems, and all major organs and tissues as they relate to the body.

How often do you need treatments and how long do sessions last?

Treatments are recommended every 12-14 days. Five to six total treatments will begin a good cleansing process. (More severe cases require more frequent treatments).  Sessions last 30-45 minutes.  When an organ or tissue is out of balance, there may be discomfort with the trigger of that point.  As the body restores homeostasis, the area will experience less discomfort.  Zone is used as a means to stay in good health as well.  It keeps the body functioning optimally.