MassageThea-8597Visceral Unwinding

Visceral Unwinding works directly with the organs and the fascial sac that engulfs each of the viscera.  This sheath is what connects the cranial system with each organ.  The organs in our body move constantly because of diaphragmatic, peristalsis, and cardiac activity.  With Visceral Unwinding, we work with the mobility (the movement primary following respiratory breath) and motility (the internal/external rotation around an axis for paired organs and in flexion or extension with single organs).  In a healthy body, the organs moved in a synchronized manner which visceral unwinding helps to restore.


Who benefits?

If you are experiencing heart burn, acid reflux, digestive issues, a toxic liver, allergies, difficult breathing, or have been exposed to chemicals, this form of therapy may be just the thing for you!  Even surgery, infection, and inflammation can restrict the organ movement by developing adhesions around the tissue.  Many life situations and psychological phenomena can tax the organs resulting in restricted movement and inability for the organ to function optimally resulting in pain or disease.  The smallest misalignment in the body, can over time, have a huge negative effect on the body creating numerous pathologies.  The sliding motion between the organs is necessary for health and is what visceral unwinding looks to restore.

How does it work?

Visceral unwinding is a very gentle form of therapy that works with the liver, gallbladder, stomach, spleen, small intestine, heart, lungs, large intestine, bladder, and kidneys.  The hands of the practitioner mold around the organ, listening for each organ’s mobility and motility, then helping to restore a healthy rhythm.